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Great fun day with my husband and his cousin Michael.

It was my second time at this park, My first time at toy story land, loved every single ride at this amazing land.

My favorite ride was the slinky dog roller coaster, we wen 3 or 4 times that day, very recommended.

But there are some rides that I am kinda scared like the tower of terror lol. When I went to the first time in that ride I had no idea what was going to happen, as soon when the elevator dropped it, I grabbed somebody legs, and no difference of this time at the park… which I had to hold on my husbands and his cousin Michael because they were holding at the bars next to the sits,  I had nowhere again to hold on it. Every drop I felt my butt leaving the sit and flying. We survived until the end lol

Next park we will be going at Epcot with my husband’s friend Michael (I know its a lot Michaels lol)

I hope you guys enjoy the pic and I have a lot more in my Instagram where you can follow me!

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